About Barbarian Barbarian Pickups

The barbarians escaped in the spring of 2019 from the shop of Paul Suppo's Barefoot Guitars. Banding together to bring their knowledge of boutique guitar building and the short comings of many mass produced guitars and stringed products and putting to an end the outrageous act of over charging for a quality product.

Being in the guitar building business  I realized that the cost of a quality pickup really pushed my prices up to where I felt they were way too high for the average musician to have an outstanding product that was affordable. I set out to change how the boutique guitar operates.

A guitar design is a work of art. The artist has a feel they are going for.  It does not matter if it is a vintage Strat or a new Les Paul, the look is iconic. It has become permissible in some situations to add a double coil humbucker to a strat... but that is not for every situation.  Also, what happens when that vintage pickup goes bad.. what is wrong and how do you fix it?

At barbarian we are taking the helmet by the horns and making it possible for the artist to have the brush they want to paint with. Piclups that appear singel coil but have the noise canceling of a humbucker are possible... allowing you to get the best of both worrlds... or with coil splitting the best of several worlds.

We do not cut corners in the work that we do and we have the flexibility to try things. We are not scared... after all, we are BARBARIANS!

Since each product is hand wound at the time of order, there is not an issue with custom asks or having an unbalanced set because each set comes from the same spool of wire. Furthermore, since we hand wind we are able to get the true custom dynamic tones that a machine stacked winding will not give.  The uneaven windings will anctually enhance the perfomance of a pickup.

Explore the difference that a true Barbarian can provide... and remember, a Barbarian does not have to always be in your face screaming... we can be gentle mellow lovers as well. It is all in the touch.